Discussing ACT with Dr. Austin Tay

The latest episode of my podcast ‘My Pocket Psych’ went live this morning and it features an interview with a psychologist I’ve known for quite some time!

Dr. Austin Tay is based in Hong Kong, but works across Asia and is a fellow ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Theory) practitioner. Austin shares his career history, his perspective on ACT in the workplace and some great examples of how he brings the principles of this approach to life for his clients.

You can listen in on the podcast app of your choice (including Spotify) as well as access this episode and its show notes here:

🎧 https://www.worklifepsych.com/podcast/ep-057-psychflex-in-action-5-act-in-asia-with-dr-austin-tay/

This is the fifth in our series on psychological flexibility in action and it was really great to catch up with Austin once again.

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