Podcast Productivity Working from home

Productivity while working from home

The latest episode of my podcast, ‘My Pocket Psych‘, is all about remaining productive when working from home. It can be a real challenge to stay focused and avoid procrastination, not to mention all the internal concerns and worries we might experience.

In this episode, we walk through some of the important principles of productivity to bear in mind from clarifying why you’re doing what you’re doing, through to effective prioritising of your workload and minimising the distractions that you can control.

‘My Pocket Psych’: Episode 079.

One of the essential points we discuss is paying attention to the context. The home-working context is very different to the physical, shared office work context. Both interns of human contact and connection, how we keep in touch, how we organise ourselves and what your schedule might look like.

No commute. No shared lunch breaks. Potentially less small talk and chats over coffee.

At the same time, we have to deal with distractions and interruptions that don’t exist in the office: children, pets, noisy neighbours, housemates and so on. If we want to thrive while working from home, one of the first things to do is acknowledge the contextual difference and ask yourself: how do I need to do things differently now I’m working from home?

I hope you enjoy the episode; it’s the fourth in a series on working from home, which started with episode 76. If you’re finding it useful, please do leave us some feedback on our Podchaser page. It’s a great place for questions and comments too, not just a rating.

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