Wellbeing at work: get the basics right

In the latest episode of my podcast, I’m joined by occupational health psychologist and all round excellent guy, Dr. Kevin Teoh.

Kevin is a top notch psychologist and a really good communicator of science, so it’s always great to get him on the show. We discuss wellbeing at work and the tendency for organisations to focus on events, rather than process and on what’s new, rather than what works.

The thing about introducing interventions in the workplace (training, workshops, processes) is that it’s easy for us to imagine that they’re positive and impactful. But unless we have good quality evidence supporting their use, we might actually be doing more harm than good.

Imagine you’re already an over-worked employee, battling an overflowing email in-box, demanding clients and long hours. Is an invitation to an online yoga class as part of ‘wellbeing week’ really going to change your life? Is it really going to address the root causes of what makes your working life so tough?

Kevin and I advocate looking to the essential building blocks of good work first: a manageable workload, effective and competent managers, discretion and control over how we work…the workplace factors that research consistently shows support our wellbeing.

I hope you enjoy this episode and that, if you’re responsible for workplace wellbeing, it gives you a new perspective on how to have a positive impact at work.

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