Values in action: sunshine edition

Something I work with a lot in coaching and training contexts is the concept of values. The important principles we can use to guide our behaviour and make decisions.

Getting clear on our values opens up new ways to understand how we act in certain situations and how we can make changes to our habits and decisions, where it’s helpful. You can learn more about the value of values in this webinar I recorded in 2020.

On my way into the office this morning, I reflected on the fact that I didn’t go for my usual lunchtime walk yesterday (I chickened out when I saw the flurries of snow!) and simultaneously noticed this morning’s brilliant sunshine. A moment later, I had hopped off the train three stops early and finished my journey on foot.

Yes, I got to the office slightly later than planned. But I was being who I want to be: someone who cares enough about their wellbeing to get moving regularly and whose sedentary job means it’s important to get outdoors wherever possible.

Walking the remainder of my commute was an example of putting values in action. Nothing showy or too disruptive, nothing expensive or too time-consuming. A simple walk, while enjoying the sunshine reflecting off the water. Putting your values to work can really be enjoyable in the moment, as well as beneficial over the longer term.

I know: it can often sound like a very ‘worthy’ and dry topic. But really, knowing who you want to be and then moving in that direction is what life is all about.

If you’d like to know more about values, check out this interview on my podcast with a fellow coach, Ross McIntosh.

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