Upcoming event: Resilience 101

I’m speaking at the next Virtual Agile Meetup later this month – and the topic is resilience.

I’m keen to bust a few myths about the nature of resilience, put it in the context of what so many of us are going through in a global pandemic and offer some simple steps everyone can take to positively impact their resilience.

It’s not the preserve of olympians and astronauts – though I can’t blame you for believe that, especially if you’ve perused the virtual bookshelves on the topic over the years.

It’s also not something we’re born with – we can view resilience as learnt responses to challenges and setbacks. As such, we can learn new habits – new ways of thinking about difficulties and new behaviours that represent sustainable and healthy coping strategies.

I don’t want to give away any more – you’ll just have to join us on April 22nd at 6pm UK. Big thanks to Helen and Ines for the invitation to speak with their community.

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