Back with Todoist

Earlier this year, I wrote about my ‘Productivity Toolkit‘, the various apps I use to navigate life each day.

My app of choice for task management was the very lovely Things 3. However, after several months of using it across my iPhone, iMac, iPads and Apple Watch (can you spot the theme there?), I’ve reverted to my old favourite: Todoist.

As I always say when in productivity training or coaching sessions, the best app is the one you like using. And despite giving Things 3 a proper and thorough evaluation over several months, it just didn’t stick.

For someone who lives by the tasks in my daily list, this was a problem.

While the interface is a delighted to use, with its minimalist and calming design, I found myself slowing down when getting ideas out of my mind and into the app. It slowed me down. Jumping back over to Todoist, I could immediately see just how quickly I could enter new tasks as they appeared in my mind.

So while it’s not as ‘pretty’ as Things 3, Todoist is back in my productivity toolkit, tracking my life’s areas of focus, my projects and my tasks. Moving back gave me the opportunity to start from scratch and I’ve simplified my set up somewhat.

Honestly, it feels like getting back into a pair of well-worn, very comfy sweatpants. Not great looking, but so familiar and easy to use.

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