Psychological Flexibility

Why go through all that discomfort?!

In my latest YouTube video, I explore the hassles, disappointment and discomfort involved in starting a YouTube channel from scratch. But I also outline my main reasons for doing it in the first place!

I focus on four main things:

  • Wading through the psychological discomfort – in its many forms – while doing something important and meaningful.
  • Actually putting my values into action and doing something that means I’m being the kind of person I want to be!
  • Using the same technique of consistency that helped me get my podcast to one hundred episodes 🎉
  • And focusing on an over-arching goal of sharing evidence-based insights, to counter some of the nonsense that’s so easy to find online.

And yes, I introduce the concept of psychological flexibility by the back door! Doing what matters and persisting through the discomfort is what being psychologically flexible is all about. I have so many opportunities to give up this project as I hit problems, setbacks and feelings of being unskilled. But refocussing on what really matters to me helps me re-centre and dig deep to persist.

If you’ve enjoyed the video, please consider subscribing and sharing it with someone you think might enjoy it too. Thanks for watching!

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