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Answering followers’ questions

For my latest YouTube video, I went out to my Twitter followers and asked them what questions they had for me. I had assumed all the questions would be about my work as a psychologist.

This was not to be! But I answered them, regardless. It’s all good practice in front of the camera, it helps me explain more about who I am as a person, and to be honest – some were just fun to answer.

Despite the hard work, steep learning curve and the amount of time it takes each week, I’m really loving this YouTube experiment. I’m going to end up running two channels – the channel for everything related to my business, and the Richard MacKinnon channel for observations on life as a practitioner psychologist.

I mean, it’s all me, but it feels helpful to have a delineation between the two aspects of me.

So if you’re enjoying the videos, let me know with a ‘like’, a ‘subscribe’ or a comment. It’s just nice to know that someone’s watching!

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