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Want a free introduction to Todoist?

Over at the online WorkLifePsych Community, we have monthly meet-ups to discuss topics of interest. In the past, we’ve looked at how to make career decisions, how to clarify what matters, how to cultivate a healthy relationship with our technology.

Anything to do with personal development, basically.

Next week (December 15th) the meet-up will be all about how to get set-up with Todoist – my task manager of choice. It’s a great tool for getting a clear mind, prioritising our focus and organising all the tasks that come our way each day.

If you’d like to learn how to make this tool work for you, sign up for this meet-up. All our community meet-ups are completely free. You just need to join the community, which you can do by visiting and filling in the form.

During the session, I’ll be using a demo account to get started from scratch. No previous experience is required. I’ll explore how we can apply helpful productivity and organisation principles using Todoist, including delineating between tasks and projects, assigning priorities and using filters to just see what you need to see. A great way to avoid ‘task overwhelm’.

I hope you’ll join us next week.

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