What stops you from delegating?

So many people who manage or have responsibility for others at work are told they should be delegating more. And rationally, it sounds like good advice.

When we delegate well, we support the development of others, reduce single-person dependencies, allow ourselves to focus on our own priorities and most importantly, avoid feelings overwhelmed.

That said, if delegation were easy, we’d all be doing it! The rational argument comes to a standstill when it meets our thoughts and emotions. We then find ourselves shying away from delegation opportunities and slipping into ‘busy’.

In my latest YouTube video, I explore some of the common reasons we avoid delegation and share some simple tips for making a start. Have a look below and let me know if it resonates. It’s a topic that comes up in my coaching practice all the time, and it’s super common.

Thanks for watching – and let me know if you have any follow-up questions in the YouTube comments section. And if you’d like a longer, audio exploration of the topic, check out Ep 111 of my podcast, ‘My Pocket Psych’, where we take a look at some of these factors in my detail.

(Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash)

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