I co-host ‘My Pocket Psych’ every two weeks and we cover a range of topics relating to the world of work.

Productivity, wellbeing, working from home, dealing with pressure and so on. With a range of expert guests, we share our insights on how you can make your experience of work a more pleasant and fulfilling one. Check out some recent episodes below.

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Ep 119: Are you sabotaging your sleep? My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

In this episode, we return to the vital topic of sleep. Sleep really is the bedrock of our wellbeing, and if we're not getting enough quality sleep, it undermines all the other things we do to stay healthy.  We look at sleep through the lens of our daily habits and explore some of the ways we might be unintentionally depriving ourselves of the sleep we need.  Resources for this episode  'How to have a good day' by Caroline Webb 'Why we sleep' by Matthew Walker Why your wellbeing initiative needs to include sleep 
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