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Productivity, wellbeing, working from home, dealing with pressure and so on. With a range of expert guests, we share our insights on how you can make your experience of work a more pleasant and fulfilling one. Check out some recent episodes below.

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Ep 127: Are you Planning, Predicting or Playwriting? My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

in this episode, Richard Pilar take a look at the different kinds of future-oriented thinking we can do. As not all of it is helpful, it's useful to distinguish between our planning, our predicting and our 'playwriting'. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions or comments Email us at 'podcast at worklifepsych dot com'  Thanks for listening! Resources for this episode Community Plus: worklifepsych.com/communityplus Blog post: Planning, Predicting or Playwriting? Podcast: First steps in Mindfulness: https://www.worklifepsych.com/podcast/126/ Podcast: Seeing thoughts for what they are: https://www.worklifepsych.com/podcast/ep-056-psychflex-in-action-4-seeing-thoughts-for-what-they-are/
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